~Cik GaDes~

~Cik GaDes~

Monday, 3 February 2014

wHat I'm FeeLinG ritE n0w

 you smile and pretend like n0thing wr0ng...but inside ur dying.it hurt my heart when i'm see him,but i can't d0 anything ab0ut it...i'm c0uldn't call it l0ve but s0metimes i'm wish it c0uld've g0tten there.s0metimes broken heart mean i want t0 be epy like another pers0n but it want happen....It's funny h0w s0me0ne can braeak my heart,but i'm still l0ve him wth all the little pieces...i'm gonna SMILE like n0thing wr0ng PRETEND like everything all rite,ACT like it all prfect even though inside in really HURTS......i miss h0w hepy i was wth y0u...

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